Does jewellery really make a difference to an outfit?

Does jewellery really make a difference to an outfit?

It's the big night-you've been waiting for. Let's see; the perfect dress, shoes to go with it, glossy hair, make-up great. The reflection in the mirror smiles at you, and you feel like it’s all coming together but then you take a few steps back and assess yourself one last time; the smile leaves your face. Something just isn't right.

You look great. It's not the dress; you love it, and the make-up is excellent, so why the nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right with this look? Ahh, see that earring there? The one the exact shade of your dress? You put it on and look back to see the difference. You swivel your head sideways and add a necklace to match the earrings, a ring on your middle finger, and then you strut out with a confident beat of your stiletto.

No one's exactly sure what it is with jewellery and women, but they complement each other. A plain, little gold chain may not be interesting in the shop display case, yet when the women for whom it was meant for wears it, it transforms to become a lovely accessory.

So what is it with jewellery? Not only women are eying the silver chains in the shops, but the men as well. Whatever look you want to bring out, the tiny jewel seems to do the job. Try a pearl, or small, dangling spheres in your ears- it gives you that sophisticated touch. On the other-hand, a large hoop or statement necklace, and it transforms the look.

Jewellery has been in existence since the historic Egyptians. Even hair had been used for body adornment during the Victorian period. Extravagant usage of jewels, beads and ear-hoops had sparkled as the "in-thing" since the 60's onwards. Later-on, the craze died down to subtle sparkles here and there, and a bit more for the special occasions. Still, it seems ancient, tribal jewellery is making a come-back; a wooden bracelet, ceramic shapes woven into necklaces, unique head-bands seems to go with your everyday clothes.

In our opinion, I guess there is no need to ask the "why" questions, but to believe in its magic and use it with a smile. The onlookers don't know what made you shine that special night, but you know very well the secret of the last-minute addition.

Sometimes the tiniest things in the world can make a difference. Keep your eyes peeled for our new jewellery arrivals soon! 

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